Tuesday, 23 June 2015

New Book Out Now!

If you love short transformation stories then I have some good news!

The latest volume of dark tales is out now!

What Does it Say on the Back? 


How would you feel if you found yourself turning into somebody else? What if there was no way back? What if your own mind started to change as well until you could no longer be sure if your thoughts and memories were your own? How much time would have to pass before you realised you had become that new person entirely?

And would you like it?

Six new tales of transformation set in the twisted towns of Nockton Vale exploring age regression, weight gain, getting old and the sleazy world of prostitution.

Let the transformations begin.

Just don’t look behind you because there’s no going back.


What Stories Are In It? 

Feed Me 

A non-magical story about a woman who is convinced by her boyfriend to put on weight. She gets fatter and fatter as he goes on feeding her but as she begins to have doubts it becomes unclear whether she will ever manage to stop.

The Other Side 

A classic age regression story about a mother and daughter who trade places. The mother is not happy in her new diminutive body but she quickly realises how little power she has!

Proof of Age 2 

A continuation of the first episode from A New You: Volume 3. Thirteen year old Trinny is trapped in the body of a fifty three year old woman. She's running out of money and must take drastic steps to stay afloat. Should she accept her new life and begin to act like a middle aged woman or should she try and get back to her old self?


A beautiful young student finds a magic hand mirror with the power to change her form and hatches a plan to use it to improve her grades at university. But the face reflected in the mirror is a chubby professor in his late fifties. Is it worth the risk?

The Favour 

A pretty, vivacious young woman is persuaded by her plain and unfashionable friend to swap bodies for one day. It is a big favour to ask but the favour keeps getting bigger as the now pretty friend becomes increasingly reluctant to swap back.

Wishing Well 4 

The fourth instalment of the ongoing gender-changing adventures of Lionel and Jenny. Jenny's careless wish at the end of the last part comes back to haunt both of them as they become involved in the seedy world of Barton's prostitution.

How Much Does it Cost? 

It costs $2.99 or £1.88 and is available from Amazon in different currencies all over the world.

Where Can I Get It? 

The book is available from Amazon and Smashwords.

The Amazon version is a kindle book but you can either read this on your kindle or smart phone (with the kindle app) or you can download some software to read it on your computer.

The Smashwords version comes in a variety of different formats, including PDF.


  1. yay :-) Love many of the themes in this.. Will buy as soon as I get back tonight.. MikeW

  2. Thanks I like the you legt us know the general plots of the stories. Otherside wasmy favorite. Likeness was very well written, but for me would have been better if they still had a fading memeory of who they really were, but that's just me. The favor was chilling with thenew plain girl seeing her former sexy & popular self enjoying life while things were terible for her.