Monday, 23 March 2015

Which Dark Tales of Transformation Have You Read?

The tenth Dark Tale of Transformation is out and now might be a good time to look back at all the books so you can double check that you've seen (and read) the ones that would appeal to you.

Let's have a look at each of the books and see what's what...

Criminal Record is a female to female bodyswap story about two girls who find out what life is like on the other side of the tracks. Holly is a good girl who loves to study and has a promising life ahead of her. Sadie is a bad girl who drinks and smokes heavily and isn't averse to breaking the law. 

But bodies isn't all they swap. Soon each girl is taking on traits of the other with Holly embracing the seedier side of life, but Sadie has no intention of becoming good. She hatches a plan to take full advantage of her new position, even if it means committing murder.
Lady Ann's Holiday is another bodyswap story but this time a beautiful aristocratic lady trades places with a common stable hand. Burt finds being a wealthy heiress very difficult at first but he soon discovers some benefits to being a rich woman.

Ann, on the other hand, delights in the freedom that being a lower class man brings her, but only until she realises her mind is changing too. She's talking with a lower class accent and becoming just as servile, stupid and eager to please as Burt ever was.

Will Ann ever get back to her former life or will she be cleaning up the horse dung for the rest of her days?

A New You Volume 1 contains six different transformation stories.

Have you ever imagined becoming a successful businesswoman? Or a little girl? Or a prostitute? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be pregnant?  Maybe you'd like to become really, really fat or become a slutty airhead with no prospects and an abusive boyfriend.

Just bear in mind that once you're firmly ensconced in your new life there may be no getting back out of it. That may be who you remain as forever.

Alison is a woman who loves her femininity but when she buys a magic ring that can change her sex she gets a thorough taste of how the other half lives.

Obviously she doesn't want to remain a man but before she knows it, she finds herself falling in love with a rather sultry Indian woman and suddenly everything is in question.

With her life suddenly coming together as it never has before, Alison has some serious thinking to do. Should she stay a man or go back to her disastrous life as a woman? and Ricky are down and dirty criminal types willing to do anything to get what they want. What they want is to be the owners of a fabulous mansion in Nockton Heights and they try invoking the Golden Gloom to do their bidding. But things go awry when they find themselves changing into the opposite sex. They may be rich but do they really want have a sex change as part of the deal and age twenty years?

Meanwhile, Barbara and Robert Hawthorne, the people they've become, are on holiday in Greece but they aren't safe from the power of the Golden Gloom. They find themselves transforming too, but into teenagers who as as different from them as it is possible to be: loud, brash and very very bad.

More female to female transformations.

Five friends joke about how much worse their lives would be if one thing had been different. They think it's just talk but before they know it their lives are changing into exactly what they imagined.

One girl gets fat, another gets stupid. One becomes a junkie whore, one a slutty receptionist. And one is thrown back to her cultural Japanese roots.

Their lives may never be the same again.

Six more stories about change and bodyswaps.

A man becomes a little girl. A woman becomes a pot-bellied hippie. A beautiful young woman gets turned into a middle-aged used car salesman. Another woman gets stuck as an obese till operator.

One woman loses all sense of self control but learns that being a promiscuous slut has its benefits and another woman finds herself in the body of a teenage slag. of the Hawk is a book very much like A New You. If you like that then you'll like this and it contains much in the way of male to female and female to female transformation.

Again it contains six different transformation stories but these are set at different points in history and all around the world.

One is about a Roman Governor turning into his beautiful wife, one is about a spiteful princess whose magical powers turn against her and leave her living the life of a slave. One is about another slave girl who grasps the power and body of an Asian tyrant for herself. Another tells the story of a young man who must become a woman to stop an evil assailant. Second to last we see the comeuppance of a Nazi officer who finds out how bad life is as a Jewish girl and finally in a tale of age progression a beautiful but scheming young woman finds out how it feels to be old.

Cleaner is the first part of a trilogy extending the original classic tale of a gorgeous model who fantasises about trading places with her overweight cleaner.

Dahlia Western is tired of her pampered but empty life and longs to experience a normal life without high expectations. It isn't long before she persuades her obese cleaner to trade clothes for the day, but how much further might the game go and will it go too far for either woman to turn back?

Class is a raunchy little tale about a wealthy couple who fantasise about being working class. They only mean for it to be a kinky game, but they shouldn't have tried it in Nockton Vale.

When they wake up next morning they find that they really have become working class, in voice, dress and physical form. They're horrified obviously, but part of them likes their new personas.

Part of them wants to stay that way. 


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