Wednesday, 4 March 2015

A New You 2

A New You 2 is now available in Paperback as well as in eBook format! 

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If you don't know already, A New You 2 is a compilation of short transformation stories set in the storied streets of Nockton Vale. It contains six stories that cover a variety of different types of transformation and body swaps.


In the first story, a young woman discovers a drink that can enhance her confidence and heighten her sex drive, but the more she drinks, the looser her inhibitions and morals become and even her body starts to change. As she starts to take control of her life in a new and drastic ways she comes to question whether the influence of the liquid is as beneficial as she first thought.


The first Golden Gloom story ever written. A woman running a children's home winds up becoming a slutty teenager when the Golden Gloom comes to call, but as she takes on the personality of her new form she struggles to decide whether that's really what she wants.

A sequel of sorts to One Thing Different in which a wealthy man finds himself trapped in the body of a little girl and lost in the very darkest areas of Barton.


A pretty young woman  at a party decides to join in an experiment to swap bodies with the hippie she is talking to and finds life in her new body strangely liberating. But is this new form something she would want to remain in? Surely not!


The accounts manager at a DIY store loves to make fun of Maureen, the chubby till operator, but her own life is starting to fall apart and if she isn't careful she might end up in the same position... exactly the same position. 


Jenny Main is a pretty girl. Her life isn't perfect but she's pretty happy. That is until a freak mystical happenstance transforms her into a middle aged man and she has to start asking herself whether she's going to remain stuck like that!

Go and get it now! It's very cheap and from all accounts, well worth it. 

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