Friday, 20 March 2015

LADY ANN'S FOLLY: Chapter Ten - Part Eight

Elizabeth put the trousers on from Reggie’s sailor suit and though she felt relieved to be covering up her tiny penis, she hated that she was having to dress in little boy clothes. It felt too final; like an acceptance of the body she had found herself in – as though she were saying Yes. I am happy to stay this way from now on.

She wasn’t! She didn’t want to be a little boy! At all!

How could Howard make her do this? Why was he being so unreasonable? It wasn’t fair. But he showed no empathy for her situation. His face was a mask of stubbornness. She reached for the sailor top feeling dejected and frightened.

Across the room Reggie was struggling with his auntie’s dress but he was starting to work it out. His new body was enormous and bulging. It’s chest was dominated by her gigantic hanging breasts but her stomach, buttocks, legs and arms were all equally bloated. He put the undergarments on carefully with the odd unexpected word of advice from the Earl and then started work on the dress. The material was heavy and unwieldy but in a few minutes he was starting to put it into place roughly correctly.

Elizabeth finished first and she sat forlornly on the rug doing up the little shoes, gazing enviously at her former body.

How could this happen spontaneously? Was it really just because they had both wished it at the same time?

She hadn’t noticed the pendant and it was now covered by the dress Reggie was wearing.

She looked down at herself with disbelieving eyes. She was the very image of Reggie from head to foot and despite his hlong hair being down about his shoulders rather than tied up as hers had been, Reggie looked exactly like her.

“This can’t really be happening Howard,” she piped. “We have to reverse it.”

“We don’t really know what caused it, uh, dear,” he replied. “We need to think about it.”

“Think about it? No! We have to do something, now!”

“Do keep your voice down,” said Howard.

“How can you expect me to keep my voice down?” she cried, scrambling to her feet. “I’ve been turned into a six year old!”

“Look!” said Reggie.

They stopped and turned to him. He was holding up Elizabeth’s engagement and wedding rings that he must have found on the floor as they slipped off her finger.

“Shall I put them on?” he said.

“God, no,” she breathed. “No. You can’t. They’re mine. They don’t belong to you.”

“Now dear,” said Howard. “Don’t you think that they would be safer if Reggie did put them on.”

“No. Not at all. He can’t wear them. They’re mine! They’re mine! He’s not your wife; I am!”

Howard gave a chuckle and covered his mouth with his hand. Elizabeth gaped at him incredulously.

“How can you laugh at a time like this? Can’t you see what’s happened to me? You don’t seem the least bit put out by it. Why are you letting Reggie wear my things? Why aren’t you forcing him to wish us back?”

Howard got down on one knee and grabbed her shoulders. “STOP! RIGHT NOW! Keep silent!”

She stared at him in fear.

“I won’t have this hysteria” he said. “You will keep your mouth shut until I have decided what we are to do. Is that clear?”

Elizabeth couldn’t believe the gall of the man to treat her like that, but his overbearing size intimidated her entirely. He stood back up and glanced at Reggie.

“Put the rings on Reggie.”

The former child nodded eagerly and grinned as he pushed them into place on the finger that Howard indicated.

Within Howard’s head, Hattie was finding this entire situation hilarious but it was harder than she’d expected it would be to manage. If she wasn’t careful they were going to be heard and people might come. Though that would certainly force things on… She covered up another grin of mirth.

“Right,” she said, using her most imperious voice. It was a delight to play the part of her domineering father in this way. It was every bit the power thrill she had imagined. They really thought she was her father. For now she really was her father. “We are going to reverse this as soon as possible but we may find ourselves speaking with other people before we do.”

“No,” shrieked Elizabeth. “We aren’t leaving this room!”

“I SAID SILENCE!” bellowed Hattie and struck the little boy across the cheek.

Elizabeth yelped and fell on her side then started sobbing.

Hattie hadn’t expected to lose her temper and felt awful for treating her mother that way but something stopped her apologising or helping her up. She hesitated then went on speaking in the same imperious tone.

“If that happens then you will, for now, adopt the roles you find yourselves in; is that clear? Richie? You are my wife Elizabeth if anybody asks.”

At his feet, the real Elizabeth whimpered.

“And you are little Reggie, my nephew.”

“Please no,” snivelled Elizabeth.

“I’m afraid that’s the way it has to be until we can sort this mess out,” said Hattie, smirking.

“Just get Reggie to wish us back,” muttered the new little boy. “Please Howard. Make him wish us back.”

“I don’t want to,” said Reggie. “I want to stay like thish.”

“Oh God, why is this happening?” she cried.

Then a knock came at the door.

All three of them stopped still, looking at one another and at the blank door.

“Goodness, who can that be?” whispered Elizabeth, lifting herself up, her cheek smarting.

“Howard? Elizabeth?” came a voice from the other side. It was Geraldine, Reggie’s mother.

“Yes?” replied Hattie.

“The coach is ready to leave for the picnic. Are you coming out? And do you know where Reggie is?”

Hattie looked down at her former mother. Elizabeth looked fearfully back.

“He’s here.”


  1. I don't know, if ever there was a time for a little hysteria, its now. mind I don't think it would help Elizabeth, but I am not the least surprised she's about to pop.

    1. Absolutely. One of the challenges about writing a lot of transformation stories is dealing with the transfo scene itself (usually the most challenging part). Realistically, the Countess would have an extreme and protracted reaction to this that would dominate her scenes for a boringly long time.

    2. yes and no. we leave realism behind when we have transformations. who's to say the mind isn't affected as well? (plot depending of course)

    3. I guess. Certainly the flow of the story has to come first as far as I'm concerned. And Lady Ann is a fantasy really. It isn't what I would term as gritty. The characters actions and motivations are all somewhat "stretched." But that's why I love it!

  2. It looks like Hattie is becoming the earl with his attitudes and Reggie is enjoying this to much I think. I don't blame Elizabeth for getting histerical I would if I was in her place. This story is getting better and better with each episode


    1. Thanks Rob. I like the way Hattie is developing in particular and I'm looking forward to the new Elizabeth/Reggie plot.

  3. So am I especially as the new Elizabeth and Reggie take on each others characteristics


    1. Exactly!

      (Rubs hands together gleefully)

    2. Joyfully doing the same


  4. Oh, the irony here is just too funny . . . .well done.


    1. Things are falling well out of her control!