Friday, 1 January 2016

WISHING WELL: Now Available in Paperback!

Well Wishing Well was the last book I published before I came down with my terrible affliction and I never got round to releasing the paperback version.

This lapse has now been rectified and you can toddle off to Amazon right now to get yourself a copy!

What Does it Say on the Back of the Book? 

Lionel's life is going nowhere. His job is a joke. His boss bullies him. He has little or no prospects. His girlfriend, Jenny is the only thing going for him and he's in danger of messing that up. Nothing he does ever seems to work out.

That is until the day that Lionel makes a wish at a well by the river during his lunch break that he could become a senior manager at work. He doesn't for a minute believe it will come true but it does, in a totally unexpected way. Lionel becomes a manager; a middle-aged, female manager.

Suddenly he’s getting all the respect and remuneration he could want – he’s even able to get revenge on his boss – but he’s not sure he wants to stay this way... not sure at all! Being a woman isn’t as bad as he thought it would be but it isn’t what he imagined his life would be like. Still, it seems like maybe he shouldn’t make too hasty a decision to go back to the awful life he had.

That is until he finds out that his girlfriend Jenny has been affected by the wish too: changing her into an entirely different person... and she’s not very happy about it!

What follows is a tornado of transformation as both Lionel and Jenny try to wish themselves to happiness, but as the effects of their wishes become ever more extreme, it starts to look like the one thing that will definitely be lost forever is their love for one another.

How Much Does it Cost? 

The book is available for the princely sum of $2.99 or about £1.99

Where Can You Get It? 

Wishing Well is available at the following places.

For the Kindle & Paperback Versions: 

For pretty much any kind of electronic format: 

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  1. a delightful treat you would be crazy to miss out on.