Monday, 18 January 2016

OUT NOW! 666: The Number of the Beast

Well you may have noticed I'm still not posting new episodes.

Don't worry, I will. But in the meantime, I've released another play to keep you busy if you fancy it. This is another work I completed some time ago and have been sitting on until such time as I needed to keep things ticking over.

I hope you like it.

What Does it Say on the Back of the Book? 


Matt and Suzy have just met and the first bloom of romance seems promising, but both are keeping secrets. Neither one of them is being straight with the other and when Suzy is brutally murdered it seems that one of these secrets is dark enough to threaten not only Matt’s life but his soul as well.

He receives a macabre visitor who knows all those secrets, a sinister woman who presents him with an ultimatum; a moral dilemma whose stakes are higher than life and death. Another murder must be committed before the clock runs out and Matt must be the one to commit it, but the target is a woman he has never met named Helen, and every indication shows that she is the last person on Earth who deserves to die.

Matt must make a choice and quickly, but he doesn’t like being manipulated or coerced and he is determined to solve the riddle of this diabolical scheme before he is forced to do anything; to expose the identity of his visitor and learn her deadly agenda.

Helen knows nothing of the danger closing in on her, nor the battle of wills between Matt and his adversary, but she has problems of her own. Her sister, Tricia, is in trouble on both sides of the law; trouble likely to put both of their lives at risk. As Helen takes every step she can to help her sister escape from the trap she has found herself in, it seems that catastrophe may arrive before Matt even gets his chance to deliver the killing blow.

Events are racing toward a confrontation on all sides and nothing is as it appears. Lies and manipulation are everywhere and only one thing is certain.

The blood will flow. And there is nothing anyone can do to stop it.


How Much Does it Cost? 

The book is available for the reasonable sum of $2.99 or about £1.99 in e-format and just over four pounds in paperback.

Where Can You Get It? 

666: The Number of the Beast is available at the following places.

For the Kindle & Paperback Versions: 

For pretty much any kind of electronic format: 


  1. Sorry things are still not going well. Take care of yourself

    1. They aren't going too badly really but I'm not quite ready to get back on it in a big way.

  2. sorry to hear you're not doing better. take your time. hope you continue to mend.

  3. Get well feel 100% before you start posting


    1. Well... We'll see. I've been honing the Cleaner II outline but haven't quite built up enough steam to start working on it again yet.

    2. One thing is not clear in my might (modest cough) mind is how you will end part 2. Obviously they will have Surgery, still not sure how M will handle that with D. Then Will it end with them preparing to fly back to England as each other, with M looking like D & vice versa, or will you end it back in England meeting K &Tommy as each other? With M ready & able to steal D's wonderful life & trap the real D for ever as M?

    3. Patience young one. All will be revealed in time.

    4. Patience is the most overrated 'virtue'.
      Think positive thought, hurry up & get better. But stay away from Nockton!

    5. A trip to Nockton could cure all my problems!

      (Though might give me a different set of worries)

  4. Just continue to improve but take your time. I'm sure your family needs you more than we do ... so they must need you a lot :)

    I'm sure, in the end, we'll all benefit from your Cleaner honing. It'll be a better, more chilling (and dare I say? erotic) tale.

    Take it easy.

    Robyn H

  5. Interestingly I've had a couple of reviews saying my stories aren't erotic. Obviously those readers don't share our specialised interests...