Friday, 11 December 2015

CLEANER II: Chapter Five - Part Twelve


I should have told the cook to go and fuck himself. But I didn’t.

I sat in my shabby little cluttered and despoiled hotel room and slowly drank myself into a stupor, waiting for his knock to come. The main light had stopped working a long time previous. Only one light was lit, a lamp that lay on its side on the floor beside the bed. It projected my gargantuan shadow up the wall and ceiling so that it blocked most of the room in blackness.

The feelings folding over and over on top of themselves inside of me were familiar but I couldn’t have named them. It seemed like tears were close by, trying to seep up to my eye ducts, aching to weep down my face as I gaped in horror at what I had done to myself.

I looked in the mirror, my right hand splayed across my face, only one eye visible between my first and second fingers through the pebble lens. With my features covered there wasn’t a jot of my true form visible; not the slightest clue as to who I really was under all this fat.

Who I was...

But who was I now? Surely not Dahlia at all anymore. I didn’t know if I’d truly become Melissa but I surely wasn’t that beauty.

The way the cook had spoken to me. The way I had let him speak.

“Do you want to fuck later?”

I put my hands on my round knees and stared into and through my face, trying to witness the woman inside; understand how she had changed; whether she was as insane as she seemed to be.

“I’m insane,” I murmured. “I have to be to be doing this.”

But doing that scared me; it truly did. Because it was her voice I spoke in... naturally. Maybe it was the greater resonance this mass provided or the pressure on my windpipe from the weight of the fat – I didn’t know – but I sounded exactly like Melissa without even trying. It was my voice now; just as she sounded like me.

“Oh God,” I muttered, setting my forehead against my palms.

I sat up straight and looked at myself again then stood up.

I felt the folds of fat around my middle. I raised one hand up to the opposite shoulder then felt the ripple of flab down the back of it. I pressed both upper arms forward so that it boosted the hanging breasts there out. I gripped my hips, uncomprehending of how far that had bloated. It was like this was a suit of clothes that I could quite literally had slipped my svelte former body inside of. It felt like I could still take it off and go back to being her right now.

Was I as fat as Melissa started at already? Was I the same size as that lumbering heifer of a woman? Surely I was a hair’s breadth from there. Maybe even bigger.

A thump clattered against the door to my room and I yelped.

I knew who it was but I didn’t call out or go to answer it. Not right away.

Then I did. I shambled over and opened up.

The corridor was clear. No not clear. Another thump came from the far end and I saw the door rock closed that led to the upper floor, where the cook’s room was.

He couldn’t even be bothered to wait. I meant so little to him.

I looked back into my dismal room.

The summer season was almost over. This had never been meant to go on as long as it had. Surely it had to end at some point; in some way. I couldn’t go on like this forever and even “Dahlia’s” bank account couldn’t sustain her hotel bill indefinitely.

I slid my hands up under my glasses and rubbed my eyes.

I knew I had to end this. I knew I had to. I should ring Melissa now. I should go there; demand she begin the process of changing back.

My fat body was thick and warm around me. It felt heavy but it also felt... safe.

I craved a relief from it but I also couldn’t bear the idea of that. I didn’t want this to end until... well... until it had to. Until I had truly become her. When I finally achieved the exact same shape that she had had. When I was as fat as her.

The cook would be waiting. The longer he waited, the more irritated her would be; the worse he would treat me. I should scurry up there immediately; try and placate him. He was going to be stinking drunk and he could get very nasty when he was like that.

But I also knew I shouldn’t go up there. I shouldn’t debase myself like this. I was worth more than any of the people in this rattrap fleapit.

I had to go to Melissa now and demand we swap back.

But. Instead. I picked up my key and closed the door of my room with me outside. I started walking toward the foot of the cook’s stairs; not quickly – I liked it when he got angry – I liked the way it made me feel when he pinched my wrists and pinned me against the wall; when he hissed at me and told me how worthless I was. I didn’t want to hurry. I wanted him to treat me like that.

There was time to swap back. There was plenty of time. And I did want this to go on. Just to the end of the summer; another week or so. When I had finally become an identical twin to Melissa then finally we would call it a day.

Then, and only then, would we begin the long process of regaining our true shapes.

I reached the foot of the stairs and hesitated, smiling to myself. In my nether regions I was getting wet and hot. I was thinking about what the cook said to me before he went out, about how much fatter and uglier I was now, even than the bloated sow I used to be when we got together – about how much my cleaning work made me stink.

I hesitated a while long, letting that feeling build, then I made my way up and knocked on his door.


  1. Is Dahlia beginning slowly to come to her senses at last? She's obviously still enjoying (if that's the right word) her holiday from herself but there seem to be a few cracks appearing. Perhaps Melissa won't find it quite so easy as she thought to persuade her to succumb to the knife. Moreover there are also hints that the money supply isn't in exhaustible.

    Interesting times ahead in the 'Cleaner' universe and our storyteller seems to be on the mend. I hope she doesn't overdo it. her health is more important than Dahlia's sad state.


    Robyn H

    1. I think the money isn't running out quite yet, but Dahlia's drive to continue might be.

    2. Well you did write :

      "I couldn’t go on like this forever and even “Dahlia’s” bank account couldn’t sustain her hotel bill indefinitely."

      So the potential money shortage issue seemed a reasonable assumption. It also showed that Melissa only has control of some of Dahlia's money and would need to exercise Machiavellian plots to steal the rest.

      Robyn H

    3. Yeah. I stayed in a hotel recently and got a feel for the scale of costs so I thought I'd touch on it, but it isn't a huge factor, just a gentle nudge, edging our heroes toward their climax.

  2. Mmmmm such eroticism. And, as for Dahlia having a choice? I think things have progressed to a point where she risks destroying herself if she tried to swap back. I mean Melissa can so easily leak where she is and with a group of people coming to find Dahlia, what choice would she have?

    Emma.. you really have done a great job in weaving this delightfully naughty tale. You have done so much more with it than I suspected possible at the outset... it has been amazing and I continue to find it gives me butterflies every time I read it :-) Thank you so much - Mike W

  3. BBRRRR! absolutely chilling. D truly is insane to want to be M, to be fat to ruin her eyes, why is she punishing herself like this? She even knows she's insane. Also, D is delibertaley enraging the cook so he'll treat her badly & abuse her. WOW! M's husband will really be a treat for her back in England! Many great touches that she's now drinking heavily, that she likes smelling badly from her cleaning actvities. Where will it all end?, well I guess we know - she will end stuck as Melissa while M steals her wonderful life & becomes Dahlia.
    One slightly false note for me was when D thinks they both begin the long process of changing shapes back.But She's already realized that M doesn't wan to change back - at least get fat again & also thought that M's husband will love having a slim wife. But what do I know?
    I can't wait for more.& thanks again for a hypnotic story.

  4. Interesting to see that Dahlia still sees their swap as just temporary, believing in its reversability by just saying so after reaching the goal of becoming as fat as M once was.
    I fear that D will be in the shock of her life when she learns that ending this kinky "game" and becoming herself again wont be as easy as assumed.
    Dahlia still underestimates Melissa completely, maybe even still sees her as a benevolent friend. A shameful lesson in humiliation seems unavoidable when D finally realizes that M is playing for keeps, locking the former supermodel in the miserable existence of her own choosing while stealing the life of the bold and beautiful for herself.


    1. Yes. It seems like a clash may be inevitable.

  5. On reflection them now having eaco the's voice is very well done. D now seems unable ( or unwilling) to use her former voice, hile M can use D's voice but can slip into her old one under stress. I wonder how long it will be before D's voice is natural to M. D also speculates it may have soemthing to do with her huge bulk.
    Anyway its a critical part of M being able to steal poor D's loife & force her into hers.

    1. Thanks Eric. Yeah, the voices are key and I know you and others would have preferred me to make more of this. So I did.

  6. as always wow! the power of the self loathing is amazing and quite disturbing. that is one of the great traps of self loathing. how do you get away from Yourself?

  7. Well in dahlia's case you change places with her your fat ugly cleaner. Of course maybe you get so far away from yourself you can't get back especially with the 'help' of Melissa.
    Intertesting that D from time to time seems to bounce back & forth from thinking she can get M to change back easily & has the choice to stop this when she wants, to thinking at some points she's stuck & this takes her both to screamng horror & ultimate arrousal. D sure needs help but she's not going to get it from M.
    Still can't wait to find out how M gets the real D into the operating room.

    1. Maybe she won't. Maybe I'll change the path of the story and have them change back with no book three.

    2. Did you see that pig fly by? :)

      Robyn H

    3. twins separated at Birth! :)

  8. sure did! It was a real wopper!

  9. I like they are delaying their return, I think both of the women feel more comfortable on their open ended overseas trip. If they keep this up Dahlia will soon have to learn to sew, as she will have outgrown the largest available uniform!! It would feed her working class goals, to have to insert material to her uniforms:)