Saturday, 24 January 2015

LADY ANN'S FOLLY: Chapter Nine - Part Three

Sorry. No Cleaner today. No time to write!

It was Burt getting up that woke Ann from her sleep in her little bare wooden room above the inn. She groaned and he glanced back at her as he put his shirt on.

“Oh, sorry luv,” he said. “I didn’t mean t’wake ye. I ave to get oop t’t’hall to get workin or Arry’ll gimme an earful.”

It took a moment for Ann to get her bearings, then she remembered where she was; and who she was. Her heart sank through the bed. Still the penniless innkeeper’s daughter with no prospects to speak of. She hated every aspect of her new life… except one.

“Do ye ave to go?” she asked plaintively, her voice nasal and abrasive. Hearing it made her feel even more down. The clodhopper accent was settling in even further now and it had come unbidden without her even needing to consider it. How quickly and how low she had fallen.

“Aye,” replied Burt. “Unless I wants a balling out from old Harry.” He paused though and considered. “I’ve probably got time for a quick suck though if you wants to give me one.” He grinned, presenting his crotch, and Ann looked at the slowly rising penis proudly on display.

Her face fell… but there was something… tempting about it.

Burt could see her indecision so he grinned, oscillating his pelvis so that his cock waggled from side to side. “Come on luv,” he said. “You’ll miss yer chance if you ain’t quick.”

Ann grinned and clambered off the bed onto the floor at his feet, grabbing his hairy calf with one hand and the shaft of his cock with the other. She was still smiling in anticipation but as she went to close her mouth around it she looked up at Burt’s face, his body in extreme perspective. He was looking fondly down at her which made her feel warm and happy but the reek of horse dung and sweat was hovering about him. His clothes were filthy and he hadn’t washed since the night before. Her own juices had dried crustily onto his penis.

For a second she had been caught in the spirit of sexual adventure but now the dirty reality of this most sordid activity was brought home to her. Now she saw herself from the outside as a working class slut about to pleasure her working class man before he set off to his labouring job.

The reality that this was the highlight of her new life struck her between the eyes. This unclean act of debauchery was literally the best thing going for her now amid a life of poverty and hard work.

“Well come on then Mavis,” said Burt. “Put it in. Show us what yer made of.” He chuckled.

Ann looked at the end of the pulsing fleshy thing and asked herself if she had a choice. She could say no but what then? Burt would leave her alone and for a few hours she’d lie here feeling lonely, probably wishing she’d gone through with it.

The real Mavis had taken her body hundreds of miles away to the south. Surely she should be planning how to get down there and force a trade back, but it seemed an impossible task and she was sure that Hattie still had the pendant anyway.

“I’m gonna have ta go,” said Burt. “I’m gonna be late.”

“Wait,” said Ann.

He stopped and revolved back to face her, his cock swinging into the space in front of her face.

Ann looked up at him soulfully. “Tell me you like me Burt,” she said.

He smiled. “Course I bloody do.”

“Tell me you’ll look after me.”

He crackled a grin, his eyes filled with warmth. “I’ll look after you always.”

Ann felt a heat relight in her chest; a glimmer of contentment amid terrible stress.

“Of course I will,” he said. “You’re my girl, Mavis.”

The smile fell away from Ann’s mouth and she looked again at Burt’s cock.

That’s who I am now, she thought to herself. I’m Mavis. Burt’s lass. Nothing more than that.

She took the end of his penis into her mouth, distorting her lips in a circle around it and sucking the end, playing with the sensitive end under her tongue.

“Oh yes luv. Yes, I like that.”

A tear came to each of Ann’s eyes but she shut them tightly, raising her hands to stimulate Burt’s scrotum and tickle his thigh.

“Oooh yes luv. Yes. You can do that whenever you like.”

And Ann took to it with greater enthusiasm, enjoying the compliment and feeling that in this way at least she could still be a special person. She worked Burt’s cock hard, scratching the back of his legs and his buttocks and working down the flank of his organ to lick at his ball sack as he moaned in increasing pleasure. She tried to build him up, eager to have him cum; desperate to taste his seed; but she could sense his tension; his fear of being late.

Ignoring that, Ann worked harder ,doing her best to debase herself before this peasant; to do everything in her power to stimulate him; but eventually and reluctantly, Burt had to pull away.

“I’m sorry luv; really; but I got to go or I’ll lose me job.”

He pulled his cock from her mouth and Ann moved after it, keeping hold of it in her lips for as long as she could. She looked after it longingly as Burt put his trousers and boots on, wishing she could do it again.

She just wanted to feel loved… and needed. She wanted that more than everything.

She’d thrown away a promising marriage to a prosperous titled gentleman for this and she was desperate to cling onto some tiny glimmer of happiness within the terrible scourge of her life.

But Burt was going to the door. He was leaving.

He winked and waved goodbye before he disappeared, but Ann went on kneeling there naked, wishing only that he would come back and she could go on pleasuring him until he came in her mouth.


  1. Je suis desole - sorry just been watching 'Spiral' on the BBC iPlayer and trying not to read the English sub-titles :) I hadn't realised you so on the edge with 'Cleaner' it seems so well thought through. I am steeped in admiration.

    This is a particularly raunchy posting of Lady Anne. Of the original Lady Anne, Burt and Mavis I've lost track of who is where but I get the feeling new Burt was Anne and new Mavis was Burt (via Anne) which leaves the original Mavis as Anne, away with her fiancee. We need a diagram, Ms Finn.

    Despite your failings this evening, thanks for your wonderful efforts.

    Robyn H

    1. Yeah. I'm planning to have a page that keeps track of who is who. Maybe it's time to do it!

    2. (Giggle)

      I'm currently calling people by the name they go by inside their minds so maybe not, but I'll do it anyway. When I get round to it.

  2. There's something awesome about reaching the point when you are rejected from finishing a blowjob. I almost feel bad for Ann...almost.

    1. Yeah. I like this scene as it's very indicative of how she now sees herself and her desperation for comfort.

    2. she didn't even notice that she was "practiced" at it, given that this is her first time.

    3. Oh yeah! Well they do take on the person's "education" by the second day.

      Heh heh heh.

    4. yeah it reminds me of "Burt's" reluctance to turn back when he thinks of all the things he would have to give up, forgetting that he literally won't miss any of them.

    5. The insidious but delightful luring mire...

  3. burt/anne /mavis seems desperate to be loved and the need to be needed seems to be building up in her .as always well written miss finn and please don't burn yourself out trying to get chapters out remember its quality over quantity and you always give quality.


    1. Yeah. Thanks.

      It doesn't help that I'm a bit undecided on the next turn to Cleaner's story...

  4. take a break. have a coffee/drink/minibreak whatever. when you are centered again, you'll know how to proceed.

    1. I guess. For a change of pace I'm actually working on my conventional novel, Stopping Hitler, coming to an Amazon near you (hopefully) soon.

    2. I agree with John . Find your center get yourself balanced and everything will fall into place.


    3. WHAT? Finn does time travel/alternate history?...AWESOME!

    4. Fraid not. It's an historical political thriller about the men who tried to stop Hitler taking control. It's good though.

    5. different though equally AWESOME!.

    6. (Grins)

      I hope so. I need to write it first!